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Our Services

Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

60 Minute Session              $ 130

90 Minute Session              $ 175

2 Hour Session                    $ 235

All-inclusive pain-relieving session designed specifically to target each muscle group associated with neck, shoulders and upper back pain. Includes hot stones and/or cupping therapy to help soften tight (stubborn) muscles. Allowing access to the deeper muscle layers that are the root cause of pain and discomfort. Relief from: - Neck, upper back, and shoulder pain during daily activities including working, driving, or sleeping - Tightness and stiffness - Inability to move through full range of motion - Frequent tension headaches - Numbness/pain radiating down the arms

Deep Tissue

60 Minute Session                 $ 100

75 Minute Session                 $ 125

90 Minute Session                 $ 150

Our deep tissue massage is a pain relieving session designed to target a specific area of discomfort. Deep tissue doesn't mean "deep pressure." All it means is that we utilize techniques that allow us to access and release deeper muscle tissue layers. Pressure for each massage is always adjusted to your personal preference.


60 Minute Session                 $ 100

75 Minute Session                 $ 125

90 Minute Session                 $ 150

Perfect massage for when you just want to relax and take a break from every day stress. Reduces tension while restoring a sense of peace and balance to the entire body. Light to medium/firm pressure massage with no focused work.


60 Minute Session              $ 120

90 Minute Session              $ 170

2 Hour Session                    $ 220

(NMT) is a deep tissue massage that aims to treat the cause of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous system. This form of therapy addresses trigger points, scar tissue adhesions, poor posture, blood circulation, compressed nerves, and problems that can be caused by repetitive movement injuries. Utilizing NMT enhances the healing process by increasing blood flow to the tissue and increasing range of motion in joints.


60 Minute Session                 $ 100

Prenatal Massage Sessions are designed specifically to address the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Each session is tailored to focus on the areas you need addressed. Side-lying positioning and the use of maternity pillows ensure comfort and relaxation. Prepare to go home feeling better!

Add ons

Neuromuscular Cupping         $ 20

Any massage can be enhanced by the addition of cupping. You can think of cupping as the opposite of deep tissue. Instead of pushing into the muscles, cups are used to gently pull the tissue up and away, increasing circulation and bringing fresh blood flow and nutrients to tight muscles. 

Hot Stone  Therapy            $ 10

For a target area or the whole body, these stones feel incredible, and actually help those stubborn knots melt away much easier without excessive pressure.

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