Prenatal Massage

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Congratulations! You're going to rock this mom thing! Your body is creating another human being and that is mind blowing.


As a mother of three, I understand all the pains that come along with pregnancy! Nausea, back pain, trouble sleeping... hang in there!  


Prenatal Massage Sessions are designed specifically to address the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Each session is tailored to focus on the areas you need addressed. Side-lying positioning and the use of maternity pillows ensure comfort and relaxation. Prepare to go home feeling better!

60 min


90 min



Completely customized massages designed by you & your therapist.

Relax into a full 60 to 90 minutes of

hands-on time.  

You are never charged extra for advanced techniques like deep tissue or trigger point therapy.

Leave with helpful tips for at-home like stretches and exercises  to keep up with your self-care until your next session.

A peaceful environment with a warm table, relaxing music, soft blankets, head & eye pillow.