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Self-care Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

We all love to support small businesses as much as possible!! In this gift guide I have rounded up some of my FAVORITE women-owned small businesses that focus on quality ingredients, protecting the environment, and just spreading love and positivity into the world!

I made this at Christmas time but these gifts are perfect for anytime of the year! Buy individually or create your own self-care box for anyone who is needs a little extra love.


Natural Life

"We believe it's the little things that mean the most... that kindness really does matter... you should always be yourself... do what you love.... and try to make the world a better place!"

-Patti Hughes

Founder & CEO of Natural Life

Gift Ideas

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States... and it's not talked about nearly enough. Natural Life teamed up a local organization in their community OCD Jax, to create a Collection that educates, empowers and reduces the stigma of anxiety disorders. A portion of the proceeds from our FEARLESS Collection goes back to OCD Jax!

Camp Mug is made to look vintage and will remind you of good memories made with family and friends! It is perfect for coffee, soup or your morning oatmeal!

We don't always feel well when we need a heating pad, but when your heating pad is shaped like a sloth, or a llama... it already lifts your spirits!!


Primally Pure Skincare

Primally pure offers so many great non-toxic skincare products. I am currently using the Blue Tansy Collection with their dry brush and gua sha and I am obsessed!! Not only does it smell amazing but I feel safe knowing they use only the purest ingredients in all of their products.

Gifts Ideas

Aluminum isn't the only ingredient you want to avoid in your deodorant!

Scented with only organic essential oils to help purify skin and control odor, you won't find any fake + chemical-filled fragrances (even "natural" ones) in our deodorant.

Their purpose? Protecting your health.

The simple practice of dry brushing is proven to boost beauty + wellness throughout the body. It has a long-standing list of beauty benefits including increased circulation, smooth + exfoliated skin, detoxification through lymphatic drainage, and improved appearance of the skin.

The Blue Tansy Collection includes a body oil, deodorant & face cream... pair with the dry brush for the Ultimate self-care kit


Corvus Botanicals

Corvus Botanicals is not only passionate about self-care but also about creating a product that doesn't sacrifice the environment!

Their focus....

Renewable Resources

Pollution Reduction and Offsets

Carbon Conscious and Offset Transport

Zero Waste, Compostable, Reusable and Recyclable Packaging

Circular Economy

Fair Trade

Pesticide Free and Regenerative Farming

Palm Free and Cruelty Free

Gift Ideas

Lip Tints are made with local beeswax and unrefined, organic, fair trade certified Shea butter to condition & moisturize your lips. They are lightly pigmented with mineral mica powder, and made to highlight your natural beauty. They are formulated with nutrient-rich and organic oils including virgin Coconut Oil to lock in moisture and cold pressed Sunflower Oil that is rich in Vitamins A, B, D & E.

Natural, Palm-free, cold process soap made with simple, Earth friendly ingredients! Fragrance oil-free and scented only with 100% pure essential oils

Buy them all together in this gift set: It includes two signature handcrafted soaps, best selling lip balm + tint, and a set of shampoo + conditioner bars.



These are my favorite notebooks for journaling! Not only do they support artists and make super cute notebooks but they are 7x10 which isn't too big or too small to write all you need to say without using an entire notebook in one sitting!

Gift Ideas

Journal Prompt Ideas

  1. A reflection of your prior day. What went well? Focusing on the good every morning raises your spirits and helps you look for more of the good throughout each day.

  2. What are 3 things I can do today to take really good care of myself?

  3. What are my priorities in life right now? Be honest. Are you happy with those?

  4. What feels like a struggle right now? How can I solve it

  5. Journal a prayer...


Last one...

Water bottle & Inspirational Stickers

-Encourage drinking more water and support an Etsy artist!

I hope this list gave you a few great ideas!!

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