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Parents! You're too hard on yourself.

Intentional Parenting

We as parents are way too hard on ourselves! We tend to focus more on what we are doing wrong than what we are doing right. Give yourself GRACE! Because, believe it or not, you are doing a lot better than you think you are!

Think about this past week...

The little moments of laughter, the sweet morning hugs, the night time tickles and story times. Intentional parenting is recognizing these moments, taking the time to enjoy them and then finding ways to replicate them!

Being an intentional parent also means being a present parent. When you are having these little moments, enjoy them! Focus on your child. Turn all your attention to them. Put your phone down, mute the TV, close your computer. Even if it’s only five minutes.

Intentional Time Ideas!

These are some of our favorites:

We have “Family night” every Thursday! Game nights, Movie nights, Legos & Puzzles

Ask your kids what they want to do!

Saturdays outside!

Go for a bike ride, walk, find a new hiking trail, If you’re close to a beach or lake take advantage!

Cook together

Let them pick their favorite meal and teach them how to cook it!


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