Frequently Asked Questions

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Before Your Massage

Before your massage, you will be sent a Welcome Email with additional information and a digital health history form to fill out before your appointment. The intake form answers questions that help us determine your individual goals and preferences. I want you to have the very best experience, which is why I go over your health history/intake form at the start of your first session. It is important to give a complete health history and mention your personal preferences on your form!

What do I wear?

I always suggest you wear something comfy to your massage session!


What do I not wear?!

It is perfectly acceptable to get undressed completely. Or not. Do what is comfortable to you, so you can relax and enjoy your treatment. You will be covered with a sheet and a blanket throughout the session. Each body part is undraped as I work different areas of the body.

How long of a session do I need?

  • A 30 minute session is appropriate for one are of focus.

  • A 60 minute session is appropriate for 1-2 areas of focus and time to say "hello" to the rest of the muscle groups of the body if desired.

  • A 75 minute session is appropriate for 2-3 ares of focus and time to incorporate the rest of the muscle groups of the body if desired.

  • A 90 minute session is appropriate for 3-4 focus areas and the most time to incorporate the rest of the muscle groups if desired.


What should you expect during the massage?

Be sure to communicate during your session! Do you need more or less pressure? Is an area sensitive? You are always always always encouraged to speak up!

While I am trained to read the body with their hands, I am not trained in mind reading lol Open communication helps establish a trusting relationship. Know that after our initial conversation, it’s is okay to zone out and get quiet! Take deep breathes. Tune into your body. Many of us don’t get enough of that in our daily lives!


How often should you get Massages?

As a therapist, this is the number one question! And of course, that depends!

  • As part of your wellness/self-care routine, once a month is great for maintenance and preventative care!

  • For more chronic issues you may want to try once a week for two weeks. Then take notice of your body and how long the relief lasts. - At that point, we would reassess to biweekly or once a month schedule as long as your initial pain has subsided.


Remember: tightness in your shoulders or low back has been building for years! It will likely take longer than one session to find consistent relieve.